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Joe Bertilson

Owner / Sr. Financial Advisor RJFS

Joe Bertilson


Joe believes in investing his time in understanding his clients’ goals and values before investing their money. Since 2012, Joe has used an established process to build personalized strategies to help his clients pursue their goals. He will partner with you throughout your life to help keep you on track.

Joe draws from his years of experience to create tax efficient retirement income plans, estate plans and charitable giving strategies. He loves to take complex situations and make them easy to understand for clients. Because of his passion for non-profits, he helps to ensure your charitable giving is as efficient as possible. In our office we say, “Friends don’t let friends give cash!” Joe is married to his wonderful wife, Lauren, and is the proud father of three beautiful daughters, Faith, Brielle and Sophie, plus a Sport Retriever, Louie. His family enjoys serving at church, school and the community. When asked about what he loves about his career, he said “I love the opportunity I get to help my clients pursue their goals and focus on what they are passionate about. If I can help my clients have the financial freedom to give back, that is a win for me and our community.”

In his down time, Joe likes traveling with family and friends, exploring and learning about new cultures, playing golf, smoking a good brisket, as well as rock climbing, landscaping and enjoying the outdoors.

Whether you're planning for retirement, selling a business, or trying to preserve the financial future of the ones you care for the most, we can work together to develop specific strategies to help you pursue your goals. Throughout it all, we're dedicated to providing you quality client service.

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